FAQ/General Knowledge/Disclaimer

Copyright/ Trademark Statement:

AlphaAroma competes with any and all designer brands.It does not use there original products/compositions/branding and is not associated in any way with the designer brands or their manufacturers. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. We are in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's Statement of Policy Regarding Comparative Advertising.

Do you sell original fragrances?

No - We sell original perfume oils composed entirely of our own blends, recipes and formulations.

We compete with some of the world's most renowned fragrance brands in terms of quality, longevity and value.

We assure you that our quality is never compromised and we encourage you to take a look at our customer reviews/testimonials in an effort to gauge how we can save you both money and frustration.  With our fragrance oils, they go with you and since they are alcohol free they do not dry out your skin but rather moisturize it with our skin-safe oil composite ingredients.  

Why should I use perfume oil versus my typical spray fragrance?

Most fragrances bought today are in our opinion overpriced.  Spending hundreds of dollars for fragrances that are mixed with artificial ingredients and are ultimately are diluted with alcohol was a frustration we know far too well.  With perfume oils, you get zero alcohol, additives and synthetics skin and travel safe fragrances that cost a fraction of what designers cost without the designer labels and fancy packaging.  

The result is a fragrance impression that lasts much longer, costs much less and is in our experience accurate when compared to the original.  

It offers a natural alternative that is well received and most importantly empowers you to take your money further and still enjoy all realms of fragrance.  

What is the best place to apply perfume oil?

We highly recommend pulse points as they will cause the fragrance to emanate and project off of the skin.  The back of the neck, pockets of the forearm and wrists are all great places to roll on a little bit of perfume oil.  

Will this stain my clothes?

Fortunately, on most clothing no when applied correctly. 

On some very light and thin fabrics, when directly applied the oil will leave a residue which is machine washable. To avoid any issues, we recommend you apply directly to skin in small circular motions or roll in to your palm and then gently dab your clothing in an effort to minimize any staining. 

Suit jackets, blazers and thicker material like sweaters and jackets have had no issues with stains and all stains in lighter fabrics have easily washed out with a machine cycle/detergent. 

My order has not yet shown up - what can i do?

We’re on it! - Send us an email at @alphaxaroma@gmail.com and we will respond within 48 hours!

Given the COVID-19 pandemic we expect delays and are unfortunately limited in our access to information when the product has left our hands and is with the shipping company. 

We urge you to review tracking and we’ll work with you in an effort to track down that order and ensure it makes it to you safely. 

We simply ask that you share our request for patience during these times and rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to get your product to you. 

How can i gain access to your flash deals?

That’s an easy one! All you have to do to gain access to our flash deals some of which include free fragrances and 50% off coupon codes is 

1) Message us on WhatsApp - 1-647-503-2668

2) Subscribe to our mailing list for email notifications 

3) Follow us on instagram - @alphaxaroma

Do you offer samples?

Yes for a limited time we offer small samples free of charge with every order. Sample requests are given on a first come first serve basis. They come in a corked container.

Take care in removing the cork as it can become delicate and absorb the oils. 

How can I save on shipping?

We offer free local delivery within the area (minimum 50$ purchase before tax required).  Delivery is usually done within a 4-6 days of the order being placed.

We offer free Canada wide shipping (shipping time 1-4 business days approx. (minimum 49$ purchase before tax).

We offer free US shipping (shipping time 6-10 business days approx.) (minimum 99$ purchase before tax).

I want to host your product - how can we get in touch?

We are always looking to expand our retail partnerships and take pride in allowing accessibility to our product in barbershops, beauty salons/bars, department stores and other respected establishments!

We offer one of the most competitive compensation packages on the market along with full instagram marketing support and interactive workshops.

Lets talk! Feel free to reach out via the following. 

1) Send us an email 

2) Call/Text us via WhatsApp - 1-647-503-2668

3) Direct Message us on Instagram!