About Us


Who are we?

AlphaAroma is a Canadian based fragrance oil manufacturer and distributor. We specialize in curating luxury perfume oil based fragrances. We believe in natural ingredients, portability, inclusive luxury and value delivery. As such our goal is to provide designer level quality minus an expensive price tag.

Our alcohol free 100% perfume oils are designed to provide our clients with an immersive experience, empower them with diversity in their day to day selection and enable as many people as possible to share our love for fragrance. We offer you try one of our fragrance oils and see why yourself why so many have complimented our product and lived by our commitment to quality and service. Cheers and here’s to staying fresh!

Welcome Message

A very warm welcome from us and a thank you for choosing to be a part of the AlphaAroma Family. Our support thus far has been outstanding and we are so glad you could join us on this journey. Whether it’s in a suit jacket, clutch, in your car or after a flight, our luxury perfume oils give you both a designer finish, legendary longevity and incredible formulation accuracy without the designer price tag.  With our 90% savings right from the get go when compared to other retailers our product is without a doubt the best value for your money (in our humble opinion)

When you realize just how great of a companion it is you’ll just want to up the antè and freshen up everywhere and anywhere. Before a meeting, midway through a date, after lunch and before that first handshake/hug.

Cheers and here’s to staying fresh!